Our Board of Governors

Andrew Ford

Linked Governor - Health & Safety; Member of Teaching & Learning Committee; Resources Committee; Finance Committee

Victoria Bowyer
Co-opted Governor

Linked Governor - The Arts; English; Member of Resources Committee (Chair); Finance Committee

Mariana Calderon
Co-opted Governor

Linked Governor - PE & Sports Premium; Member of Finance Committee (Chair)

Paul Charleston
Parent Governor

Linked Governor - ICT; PSHE, Health & Wellbeing; Member of Finance Committee (Vice-Chair); Resources Committee

Hannah Franklin-Wallis
Co-opted Governor

Linked Governor - Humanities; Parents & the Community; Member of Resources Committee

Anna Greetham
Member of Teaching & Learning Committee; Resources Committee; Finance Committee
Maria Hall
Parent Governor

Linked Governor - Maths; Early Years; Safeguarding/CLA/Anti-Bullying/PREVENT; SEND/Pupil Premium/Inclusion/Equalities; Member of Teaching & Learning Committee; Resources Committee (Vice Chair) 

Marc Neesam
Co-opted Governor

Linked Governor - Science; curriculum; Monitoring & Evaluation; Member of Teaching & Learning Committee (Vice Chair)

Ellie Newland
LEA Governor

Linked Governor - Safeguarding/CLA/Anti-Bullying/PREVENT; SEND/Pupil Premium/Inclusion/Equalities; Governor Development Coordinator; Member of Teaching & Learning Committee (Chair)

Roz Torres
Deputy Headteacher
Member of Teaching & Learning Committee; Resources Committee, Finance Committee
Lucy Seymour
Associate Governor

Member of Teaching & Learning Committee

Liz King
The main responsibility of a school’s governing body is to promote high standards and make sure that children are attending a successful school which provides them with a good education and supports their well-being.

At Tannery Drift First School we have a dedicated and energetic board of governors, made up of a combination of parents, staff and members of the local community, who work closely with the school to help Mrs Greetham and her staff achieve their goals and who share in the school’s vision of developing an ethos of enjoyment, achievement and respect.

Governors set the strategic direction of the school by working together to, amongst other responsibilities, agree policies, set and review targets, review budgets and staffing, ensure parents and pupils are involved, consulted and informed as appropriate, and make information available to the community.

We have committees focused on Teaching and Learning, Resources and Finance, and in addition to regular meetings, visits and consultations, governors also use their skills to help the school in other areas. For example, governors have played a role in much of the recent development of the school brochure and website.

Please direct any correspondence that you have for school governors to the school office.

Governor Committee Terms of Reference:

Finance Committee

Updates and Newsletters

Governor Update 2021