Welcome to Badger Class! We are a Year 3 class and we are very excited about our learning this year. We are really lucky to have two teachers, Mrs Davies and Mrs France. We also have Mrs Tasev to help us!

In all of our topic work we will tie in English, Music, Art and DT so that we are exploring as much of the subject as we can. In Key Stage 2 we are becoming more independent learners by trying to solve problems ourselves with the knowledge we already have, using tools in our classroom to carry out research and reviewing our work to make it even better than it already is. We also have responsibilities, as older children in the school, to care for all of those around us and be role models for the younger children.

We know that we learn from our mistakes, and that we need to be challenged in order to get better. Badger Class know that there’s no such thing as, ‘I can’t’ – we’d rather say, ‘I can’t……yet!