We are the Lion class – our teacher is Miss McNeill and our teaching assistant is Mrs Tasev. As Year 4, we are very excited to be some of the oldest children in the school and are lucky enough to be learning in one of the classrooms in the new school building. We are looking forward to being positive role models around the school and have the responsibility of jobs to take care of our classroom and the school, including being sports leaders.

In Lion class, we always try our best and are working hard at becoming independent, problem-solving Key Stage 2 learners. We know that everyone makes mistakes and that it is part of learning so we like to see mistakes as something positive that show our learning journey. We spend a lot of time reading in our class and are looking forward to sharing stories from around the world with a range of characters we may not have come across before. Mrs Jones is very excited to share some of her favourite books with us this year.

We like to learn in all sorts of different ways; using drama and talk to inspire our writing; using resources and practical activities to support and justify our Maths knowledge and we like to have active Maths and English lessons outdoors every week. We are working hard on our times tables, hoping to know them all by the end of the year! We are also practising our super neat handwriting so that our work always looks smart and we earn a pen licence.