Little Tigers

We are the Little Tigers, our teacher is Miss Buckingham and our Teaching Assistants are Miss Derbyshire, Mrs Harison, Miss Laughlin and Mrs Paul.

We have a fantastic indoor and outdoor environment that the children access daily during their child-initiated play. Following the Early Years Curriculum, we set up resources and equipment that promote all areas of learning and enable the children to learn through their play. Our two Reception classes share a large classroom space within which the children can investigate materials in the workshop area, read stories, play musical instruments, mark make and paint, explore sand and water, build and construct and develop their imaginations through role play and small world characters. In our garden area, we have large scale opportunities for construction play using wooden blocks, planks and material. Alongside this we promote risk taking through our large climbing and balancing equipment and have large scale immersive sand play and a mud kitchen.

Carefully planned, purposeful and creative activities support the children to learn mathematical language and skills and daily phonics sessions equip children with early literacy skills essential for reading and writing throughout the year.

We visit our outdoor wildlife area at the edge of the school field, exploring natural resources and investigating the world around us. Well encourage the children to play outside as much as possible, dressed appropriately for all weathers!

Our balance of play, whole class teaching sessions and adult led small group work aims to capture the children’s interests, develop their curiosity and allow them time to learn and consolidate key skills. This approach ensures our pupils are happy and confident in their environment, as well as motivated and enthusiastic learners.

We strive to create a welcoming and safe environment where children feel comfortable and can share their experiences. We aim to fire children’s curiosity and imagination, offering them new and varied activities that inspire young inquisitive minds.