The teaching and learning of history at Tannery Drift First School is rich and relevant. History is taught in a cross-curricular way with links made through art, dance, ICT and literacy. In the Early Years, History is taught under the heading of ‘Understanding the world’ children spend lots of time thinking about the world that we live in and the people in it. In KS1 children are taught to develop awareness for the past. They study famous people and events from history and know where they appear within a chronological framework. Studying the local area is also an exciting topic that is covered in KS1, giving children the opportunity to explore their everyday surroundings. In KS2 children develop their skills of enquiry further – they are encouraged to develop their research skills, to find evidence, weigh it up, give reasoned explanations and sequence events. They are also encouraged to look at past societies and identify similarities and differences as well as reflect upon how these times have affected modern day life.