Science is one of the core National Curriculum subjects that is taught weekly across all age ranges. Lessons help to develop children’s processes of scientific enquiry by providing opportunities to question, observe, devise and set up scientific tests, predict outcomes and interpret results. In Science pupils will learn to think, make decisions and solve problems. Children are taught to use equipment safely and thoughtfully and to record their findings in a variety of ways.

We use the outdoor environment to enrich many of our topics, such as Life Cycles and Minibeasts. Each classroom has a science display on the topic for each half term. We encourage the children to choose their own method of working scientifically and ensure coverage of all 5 methods throughout the year. There is plenty of opportunity for practical exploration and discovery!

Each year we have a whole school Science Week with a focused topic for us to explore. Parents are encouraged to take part and enjoy the week’s activities. Scientists even come into the school to help demonstrate science coming alive!