Music is very important to us at Tannery Drift. Is it vital that everyone here has the chance to learn to sing and play instruments. We are lucky as we have lots of musical children who enjoy singing and playing instruments. We also have frequent chances to perform to each other and the community.

Our teachers have created a music curriculum that is unique to our school, taught in discrete music lessons, but also through weekly assemblies. It ensures sure that we are all confident at writing music as well as playing and singing with a high level of understanding of how to be the best musicians we can be. New instruments and CDs are being purchased to further our learning. The new curriculum is exciting, challenging and varied.


  • Each week we have a whole school singing assembly where we learn songs in a range of styles. We sing simple unaccompanied sings to help us focus on singing in tune and also sing more complicated songs with fun musical accompaniments
  • At Christmas we all sing in a Carol Service at the local Church
  • Key Stage 2 sing carols at two nursing homes to spread Christmas cheer throughout our community
  • Year 4 sing at West Road Concert Hall with ‘Youth Makes Music’
  • Year 3 take part in a Performing Arts Day at Meridian School
  • Every class has a termly assembly where they perform to their family and the rest of the school
  • Each child is involved in a musical production either at Christmas or in July
  • We sing in class to help us with other subjects as well e.g. singing times tables, songs about nouns, songs from Africa and counting songs
  • The Tannery Drift Choir were asked to perform at the Royston Arts Festival Finale Concert!

Music Lessons

  • Every class has a music lesson each week. We listen carefully to music and play a range of instruments. Writing music and creating our own compositions before performing them to the class is great fun
  • We are lucky to have lots of specialist music teachers who teach piano, woodwind, brass and strings
  • Key Stage 2 children have guitar lessons every week
  • Some children perform in a special summer music concert where they can share their hard work with the rest of the school